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RedSpam delivers industry leading DDoS detection and mitigations services that comprehensively protects your organisations website and network infrastructure from attacks with the lease possible disruption to your services.

Our clients include major financial institutions, telecommunications operators, gaming and betting businesses, and Internet hosting companies and e-commerce services - businesses whose financial survival depends upon being able to effectively defend IT assets.

Using both signature analysis and dynamic profiling to identify and classify malicious activity, our experts take the time to understand your normal traffic patterns, building a profile of your legitimate traffic, improving mitigation response times and effectiveness – all governed by comprehensive SLA’s.

We first profile the customers IP estate to build a picture of normal use, so that we can identify with in minutes when a legitimate attack is under way, at the first sign of unusual activity patterns internet traffic is automatically diverted to a clearing house where it is scrubbed clean before being routed back to the customer.

We are able to employ other 30 different techniques to delivery custom mitigate templates tailored to each different client and threat level.

RedSpam's Manage, Monitor MitigateTM approach is based on a unique combination of industry-leading hardware and patent-pending software that offers unprecedented protection. Attacks are blocked close to source and genuine traffic is never compromised. Monitoring, early threat detection and seamless integration of 3-way mitigation combine to deliver a robust service.

RedSpam's 24/7 365 ‘lights on’ Security Operation Center (SOC) continues to successfully mitigate multi-layer DDoS attacks in the most demanding of environments. Our dedicated team has vast experience dealing with targeted attacks ranging from basic volumetric to sophisticated application layer attacks

Whatever the level of attack, you only pay the price agreed for the service.